Double Trouble by R. Daniel Lester

Lens call from my clone. Two blinks to answer.

“Finally,” I said.

“I’ve been busy.”

“Pauly called, you haven’t shown up for days. What gives? You know I didn’t register you and he’s cuttin’ us slack lettin’ you work nightshift.” Cheekbone tap to trace: overseas. “Exactly where you callin’ from?”

“About that. I met a girl. Well, yours.”


“We’re in Paris.”

“Bastard. So that’s where my passport went.”

Loud knocks at my door. Shouting.

“And that’ll be the fuzz. Sorry.”


“Bank job. Europe ain’t cheap, bro.”

The door broke down. I covered my groin area and closed my eyes.

R. Daniel Lester’s writing has appeared in multiple print and online publications, including Broken Pencil, The Flash Fiction Offensive,  Pulp Literature, 365 Tomorrows and The Lascaux Prize Anthology. Recently, his novella, Dead Clown Blues, was nominated for a 2018 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novella by the Crime Writers of Canada. The second book in the Carnegie Fitch Mystery Fiasco series will be released in May 2019 from Shotgun Honey/Down & Out Books.

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