Peace Tour By Hawk and Young

Touring the ship, the alien took us past a room where giant purple manatees were attached at the nipples to long tubes. “Their milk is our only food,” explained the translator. The next room was full of weapons “for defense only” he promised. I snapped a picture and the alien rounded on me, his skin turning a violent fushia, “What is that?”

“For cataloguing. We have poor memories,” I explained.

He calmed to a dull red-violet. “How poor are your memories?”

“Depends on the excitement or stress generated.”

“You remember better under duress?” He flushed a warm pink.

Elsha Hawk won writing competitions in 2009 and 2010. She is a teacher, and the ‘girl in the chair’ for from Indiana.

Eddie-Joe Young was a freelance writer for the “Cajun Press” in Avoyelles Parish. He works on a tugboat in the Mississippi.

Hawk and Young are best friends, but have never met in person. Together they are building a compendium of short stories across time and space all based in one ‘Empire’ from a galaxy far away that keeps interfering with ours.

In addition, they have a couple epic fantasy tales involving a dragon and her rider, a boy and his teddy bear, magic, pirates, and ninjas.




Twitter: @HawkandYoung