Final Freedom by Karen D. Yun-Lutz

We were bored. The waiting impossible. Starved to see the vibrant colors of the sky and feel the earth beneath our feet.

As teenagers do, we broke the rules. No one would miss the shuttle–at least not at first.

I piloted us through the stars, breaking the atmosphere. Whoops of joy came from the others.  We would smell the fresh air soon. That’s when the shuddering started. A siren blared. Lights flashed.  The ship plummeted in freefall.

We tasted a moment of glory, only to face the jaws of death.

Karen Yun-Lutz Is a mother to five children, an author, photographer, graphic designer, videographer and video editor. Her first story “The Minds I” was published in the 2006 Parsec Ink Triangulation anthology. She has also published stories and a novel under her pen name. For her day job she works part time as a marketing agent and customer service rep for a print company. She spends her free time co-organizing the Write or Die (WorD) writing and critique group and working as the director of public relations for Confluence, the Pittsburgh, PA SF/F/H literary, music and art conference.

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