Spaceport News Headlines by Gerri Leen

Spaceport to Open Sunday; Custodians Sent Ahead

Help Wanted:  Custodial Trainee Program

Accident at the Spaceport—All Dead!

Help Wanted:  Spaceport Custodial Experience a Must

Spaceport Jinxed?

Help Wanted:  Spaceport Custodial Experience Preferred

Third in a Row; Space Agency Investigating Deaths

Help Wanted:  Want to Go into Space?

Insider Says Space Agency Investigating Strange Noises, Objects Moving on their Own on Spaceport

Help Wanted:  No Experience Necessary

Space Agency Refusing Comment on Investigator’s Breakdown

Help Wanted:  Investigators Needed

Insider Leaks Report:  Not Alone There, Investigator Said; Space Agency Denies Spaceport is Haunted

Help Wanted:  Experienced Medium, Will Train for Space

[Originally Published in The Drabbler Issue 10 (2008)]

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