The World Killer by James DeTar

“The United States has built the world’s first tretonium thermonuclear weapon, which is capable of destroying a nation,” the president announced. U.S. intelligence knew a handful of them could destroy all life on Earth. China was close to building one. The two superpowers proposed a United Nations treaty banning its use, and blocking other nations from gaining it. Analysts expect the U.N. General Assembly to pass it.

As the world breathes a collective sigh of relief, rogue American General Gerald Frommer has assembled a crack team. They are near to building a TT bomb.

Frommer won’t hesitate to use it.

As a technology reporter for nearly twenty years, and later
copy editor, for Investor’s Business Daily, a daily national
business newspaper, DeTar interviewed top executives at Intel,
Apple, Microsoft and other large companies. He also wrote
features including a question-and-answer format story on famed
science fiction writer Ray Bradbury.
DeTar has also written for and other
publications. One of DeTar’s most cherished possessions is a
personal letter from Bradbury, who said he really enjoyed the
story. The stationary was embossed with spaceships and other
items that excite the imaginations of science fiction fans,
including DeTar’s.

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