The Mirror in the Bathroom by George Nikolopoulos

Officer Jake Delonghi muttered angrily to himself, while shaving. Another end-of-world prophecy; a mysterious invasion happening today and everyone‘s going to die. It’s in the Potatonic Manuscripts or something. What’s worse, the idiots in the Department believe it. We‘re working double shifts tonight. Is this pathetic or what?

Looking at the mirror, he saw himself smiling, though he most certainly wasn’t. Perplexed, he put the razor down. His reflection held it up.

“They’re right about the invasion,” he heard his reflection say. “In fact, we’re invading you right now.” Then he reached out of the mirror and cut Jake’s throat.

[Originally Published in Grievous Angel]

George Nikolopoulos is a speculative fiction writer from Greece and a member of Codex Writers’ Group. His stories have been published in Galaxy’s Edge, Daily Science Fiction, Factor Four, Grievous Angel, Unsung Stories, Best Vegan SFF, The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF, and many more magazines and anthologies.

Twitter: @g_nikolop
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